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Starfish makes websites for small and large businesses everywhere. We offer a range of quality website packages suitable to all types of businesses and backed by Starfish’s stellar service

Experts in business websites

  • Professional, dependable service
  • Deep expertise in all types of business websites.
  • High-quality website packages.
  • Comprehensive packages. You won’t need more
  • All websites comes with 1 year free hosting.
  • Our service comes with a smile (and up to 90 days warranty)
  • Websites take about 1 to 2 months to complete.

About Starfish Websites

All our websites are designed to be easy to use and easy to undertand. They highlight the benefits of doing business with you and differentiate you from your competition.

Information appears in the most logical place, content is easy to scan and the pictures and graphics compliment the content, rather than getting in the way.

Technically, they are built using the latest premium WordPress software, making them secure and robust and won’t give you trouble the minute you try to update them.

Features of our websites

  • Built using WordPress
  • Clean designs
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to update
  • High technical standard
  • Fast to load

Let Starfish build your next website

You get better maintenance

You get 90 days warranty and 1 year free hosting but we’re also available to make your website stays fast, secure and fresh.

This is important as website don't stay fresh for long and need to be regularly enhanced.

You get the right website

We’ll help you choose a website that is practical and suits your business needs.

Different websites serve different purposes, so its important to choose a shape a size that works for you.

You get the right process

We have several ways to build websites, whereas most web agencies have just one way

This matters because you want a smooth ride as well as results you can be proud of

Introducing our Website Packages

Packages for all types of businesses

Our packages are based on ten years of making custom

They cover 95% of business website scenarios and
make getting a quality website cheaper and easier.

The Essential Range

Staightforward, clean design website packages

  • Simple, clear messaging

  • Gorgeous templates

  • For small and local businesses

The Professional Range

More content planning, detailed designs strategic advice.

  • Higher levels of detail

  • Stronger identity and styling

  • For established or service businesses

About our Essential Range Websites


Our Essential range are straight to the point. They have all your essential
details presented so that your clients can find you and get in touch.

They show your professionalism in a straightforward way and your
products and services are plainly presented so that clients know if you
have/do what they need


The Essential range is more suitable for smaller, easy to understand
businesses or local businesses, such as plumbers, restaurants and travel

The anatomy of our Essential websites

Our essential websites look great because they follow the same design principles as we’ve always used. Clean, simple and easy.

Features of our Essential Website Packages

Well constructed

Built with modern techniques and technology

Fast loading

Our websites are optimized for speed.

Help with stock photography

Our websites are optimized for speed

Stylish and well integrated content

Design and content well-meshed.

Easy to add new sections and pages

Easily improve your website after launch

Mobile friendly

Better for mobile use and quick scanning

About our Professional Range Websites


Our professional range are stylish and captivating. They are built for
businesses that need / want to work harder at standing out.

This may be because your industry is competitive or because it’s difficult
for your clients to appreciate the ins-and out of what you do, so you need
to try a variety of strategies to convince them that you’re their best choice.


The Professional range is suitable for larger businesses, established
businesses, identitiy conscious businesses or businesses with a complex
range of services, such as a consultancies, lawyers.

The anatomy of our Professional websites

Professional websites have a more defined look since the content and designs are usually more integrated. The colors schemes will be more congruent and balanced. Content may be more copy driven, rather than SEO driven, however the choice is yours.

Features of our Professional Range websites

Careful site architecture

Built with modern techniques and technology.

Branded look

Our websites are optimized for speed

More organice userflow

Our websites are optimized for speed.

Stylish and well integrated content

Design and content well-meshed.

Usually more interactive features

Easily improve your website after launch

Easy to add new sections and pages

Easily improve your website after launch

Features Lists

Starfish websites are simple to use and maintain. As part of the package - our websites come with all the important features you will need. There is a powerful Content Management System that is full of features to help you keep you expand your website over time.

Mobile responsive

Your website will function the same way, regardless of the device. Your website will adjust to fit the device. This includes smart phones, tablets and desktops.

Advanced drag and drop editor

After launch, you will be able alter your website through a Drag and Drop editor. You can add new sections, pages and functions very easiliy, without coding.

Free stock photgraphy search

All website packages come with free tastefully selected photos to enhance and compliment your photos and content. Photos are chosen by our designers

Search engine tools

Logos are extremely good value considering the effort that goes into making one. There are numerous studies and consideration.

90 days warranty

Logos are extremely good value considering the effort that goes into making one. There are numerous studies and consideration.

1 year free hosting

All website packages come with 1 years free hosting with Starfish’s hosting service. This includes set up and launching. The hosting service is managed for you.

WordPress platform

All our websites are made on the latest version of WordPress. WordPress is the industry standard and is ideal for businesses due to its expandable nature.

Contact forms

Websites come with 1 and 3 contact forms that may have documents attached. Forms are easy to alter after launch. Form details are sent to email address of your choice.

Fast loading websites

Websites are optimized to load quickly this. is done by reducing file sizes and using quality plugins only. Website speed affects search engine ranking

Complimentary Services

When we make websites, we’re usually asked to do other things too. As a full-service agency, naturally we oblige. The strangest thing we’ve been asked to do (as a web agency) is to right a report on the nature of climate change in the Philippines.

Logo designs

We can design a new logo or revamp your existing logo to compliment your new website. Logos are usually created before a website is made.


Inforgraphics are a good way to illustrate a complex subject in an easy to digest way. Provide us with some basic details and the designer will guide you through.

Business Cards

As part of a rebrand, we are sometimes asked to make websites that compliment the logo and website. Printing is done by your local printing company.

Website Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis can be useful for an official study of your online competition. It will give you ideas for content and what you need to do to beat your competition.

Market Research

Market research is a broader study of the digital landscape of a particular industry. This may be useful if you are trying to differentiate yourself as a market entrant.


We can suggest name for new products or groups of products. Studies incorporate market research so that names are original and in line with market expectations.


For original photos, we have a roster of local photographers that are available for hire. For international clients, we can find photographers in your area.


Brochures can be for printing or PDF. To save on cost we can use templates or we can create custom layouts based on your pre-written content.


We have a selection of senior and junior writers who we can call upon for blog writing and general content writing for your website.

Full Range of Services