Digital Marketing and Assistance Services

A launched website is just the beginning. Starfish will help you improve your website, your social media, your brand, reputation, content and whole bunch more. Starfish is your long-term digital partner. We’re affordable, reliable and experienced.

Make the most out of Digital

Our services is an affordable, practical alternative for companies wishing to make the most out of Digital.

Its a complete service that allows you to do anything you like, anytime in any order. We call it Digital Assistance and it encompasses, pretty much everything you’re likely to need.

Our team becomes an extension of your team, available whenever you need them.

Why go with Starfish?

You’ll get more done

There is so much to do that you need a partner that’s affordable enough to get it all done.

You can try new things!

There’s a marketing idea that works brilliantly for you but you won’t find it until you take the step to try it.

You can afford to keep going

You already know that digital is a continious activity. We want to help you keep it up!

Understand what works for you

We want to do as much of the work for you as possible but its so much better if you get involved and learn from it too!

Digital Marketing Services

Our approach is non-aggresive and collaborative Its an affordabe
alternative that will suit most companies – unless you’re particularly large
or wish for aggressive digital marketing techniques — in which case you
should contact an SEO specialits.

The Digital world has grown bigger than ever. Its no longer a question of

“ranking 1st place in Google” or spending on Google Ads. While thse are
important tecniques, its an unrealistic and expensive goal.

The key to online success for most businesses is to play to your strengths,
keep at it, try what works and get a first hand understanding of Digital

Area We Cover
Social Media Marketing We can come up with fresh social media marketing ideas.
Pay per Click Advertising Set up Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google, Facebook and other platforms.
On page SEO Add keywords, meta data, improving page structure for search engine ranking.
Directories, listings and Reputation (Offpage SEO) We can promote your business in directories and lots of other online properties.
Technical SEO and Keywords Includes keyword insertion, meta data, rich schema markup, site structure, speed
Email marketing We can create email newsetters for use in Mailchimp.

Website Maintenance Services

Once you have a good website, it works out cheaper to keep improving it,
rather than leaving it to get old and replacing it with a new one. This is why its important to get a good website in the first place.

All websites need regular improvement and upkeep to keep up with
changing ideas and technologies and business strategies. The digital

world is fiercly competitive and technology is always creating new
opportunities as well as threats.

We work with all types of website platforms such as Shopify, Drupal and
Squarespace. Our platform of choice if WordPress since it really is the best
for most businesses.

Keep your website bug free
Bug fixing Check for dangerous code that can slow, block or down your website.
Site Speed Optimization Make sure your website is running as fast as possible. Should be checked often.
Navigation fixes Improvements to your navigation so that it’s user friendly and SEO friendly
Browser and screen size fixing Make text and images don’t overlap and that everything appears as it should
Hosting environment problems Disc space, emails, domain name, certificates - all have hiccups now and again
Broken links and other technical errors Broken links are links that don't work. They effect your SEO score. We fix them.
Broken links and other technical errors Broken links are links that don't work. They effect your SEO score. We fix them.
Value proposition Make sure you are clear on what you offer and differentiated from competition
Call to actions Use positive and actionable language to encourage people to buy or contact you
Readability / white space Improve the flow by making tweaks to spacing and removing cramped spaces.
User experience / Usability Study how people use the site and make adjustments to improve usability.
Branding and aesthetics Ensure that there is a consistent feel to your website and that its pleasing.
Site structure Rearrange and improve content so that its clearer and in line with your business.
Cache, Heat maps and other utilities Add different admin tools to improve site performance and conduct analysis
Design Support Services

Our digital collateral is better than most because we get to know your
company better than most. Once we know your tastes, your brand, the
ideas will naturally fall into place.

A steady supply of creative eye-catching material enhances your digital
marketing capabilities no end

We can supply original, cost-effectove, om brand material on a continued

We are professional suppliers to larger agencies and clients, but we offer
the same service to smaller companies at a discounted rate, provided
they maintain a continued relationship with Starfish.

Digital collateral services
Social media collateral Graphics for LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and all your other channels.
Newsletter We can turn your newsletter or blog posts into HTML.
Banner Ads Ads to place in other websites, animated or static. Various sizes created.
Video From simple animations to storyboard and directed shorts. Great for SEO
Infographics Infographics are good for breaking down complex ideas or services. Shareable
Print or PDF material We will lay out brochures, business cards, flyers, staff ID and so forth
Page banners Keep each page fresh by regularly updating the banners at the top of each page

Social Media and Content Help

Social media can be hard to do correctly. To hit the right note with your
public. Most efforts can be a waste of time because you end up unoriginal
ideas that are contrived or salesy. To get the right tone, takes practice and
experimentation. However once you find your voice, you’re on a roll.

There are several reasons to take this seriously. Content on your website
is usually rushed through for the launch of the website. It will take
revision afte revision for the content to come to become valuable, Once
its of value to your clients, it brings results.

Social media help
Improving visuals Choosing better images and formatting the text on them so that they are more grabbing and less monotonous
Social media ideas and creating Help you plan what to post and when. With your permission, we can also post on your behathings lf
Repurposing content Images and text can be rewritten or reformatted so that it can be reused elsewhere. Eg. create a whitepaper for LinkedIn from a brochure or an article.
Completing and updating channels Channels like Google My Business and LinkedIn are changing all the time, we’ll check up on them and make sure they are optimally filled out.
Social media advertising We can create ads for you to post on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These channels can prove to be a lot more fruitful than Google Ads.
Content help
Research and planning
Depending on the subject, we can help you come planning articles by doing the initial research and content flow
Underlining, bolding, italicizing, internal and external linking
People and Google like articles that aren’t a sea of text but are easy to digest. Google wants to make sure you’ve really taken care about your article.
Visual hierarchy
A visual exercise to make sure that content is well spaced and grouped. That everything is consistence the correct styles are used in the right place.
Blog management
Publish and prepare blog articles. Improve content, add pictures, check spelling, add links, review comments.
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