Professional design and development support

Starfish supports agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs with their ongoing design and development needs. We provide first-class communication and a team of experts ready to take on your requirements at a moment’s notice.

About our design and development services

Our service is suitable for businesses that need a continious, dependable and flexible support service.

A proven success

We have succesfully onboarded several companies with our professional services. We do not take on many clients because we’re here to provde a personal and quality service

Advantages of this model

The advantage of working with Starfish instead of hiring your own dedicatedteam or working with a freelancer via Upwork is the flebilit, expertise and management that comes along with it.

Competitive pricing

Our services are competitively priced and we deal with all HR, reliability and quality issues that usually arise when outsourcing to a dedicated team or a freelancer.

Main Benefits


The Starfish team will guide you from start to finish and beyond.


The Starfish team will guide you from start to finish and beyond.


Well-priced packages that are professional and all inclusive.


Attention to detail, quality assurance, polishing and best coding practices.

About our Design Services

Our design team support businesses with their growing requirements for digital collateral. We are able to give a continious supply of work in a style suitable to your brand, as well as original work or cost-effective template based work. PHP

International clients are welcome

Our design team work with clients in Australia, UK, Singapore and United States. We also have Chinese, Sudanese and Filipino clients.

Professional mixed teams

They are a mixture of senior and junior staff, each with their individual abilities as well as the ability to turn our a quantity of similar styled work. Thus we are able to turnaround a wide variety of quality work.

Original artwork

A launched website is just the beginning. Starfish will help you improve your website, your social media, your brand, reputation, content and whole bunch more. Starfish can suggest regular improvements - taking the headache out of task discovery, management and execution

Personalized workflows

For maximum creativity and efficiency, you can choose the most appropriate workflow for you. Some prefer to work direcy with a single designers, others choose to use their own project management tools, others still choose to have weekly meetings. We’ll help you develop a style of communication that suits you.

Scalable, on-demand output

To allow you to handle large quantities of seasonal work, marketing pushes or influx of products - Starfish can rapidly scale.

Quality is maintained through training prior to projecton boarding and quality assurance procedures afterwards. All of this is done seamlessly, behind the scenes.

Quick turnaround of quality work

We offer same day / next day turnaround. We understand the importance of timely delivery and are able to commit to deadlines set by you.

Quality is maintained through regular meetings with our clients to provide feedback and improvements to the workflow

How it works

Is there a fit? Starfish produces creative work to a high stardard with a fast turnaround. We treat our designers well and avoid highly stressful projects such as badly briefed, highly creative artwork with breakneck turnaround times.
Onboarding process Each client has a unique workflow that we need to discover and adjust to. The workflow takes time to develop and should not be assumed to be standardized. The best way to discover the process that works for you is through testing and trial runs.
Regular Improvements As designers get used to the brand, the style and preferences of the client, the workflow will speed up. Starfish works with our clients to set standards, tools and processes to ensure that work is consistant and as efficiently executed as possible.

Types of things we designHow

  • Event flyers
  • Banners for advertising networks
  • Social media collatera
  • Branded marketing material
  • Brochures
  • Posters, t-shirts, packaging
  • Infographics

Development Support

We’re an affordable way to look after your ongoing technically complex websites. Our technical team will support your agency and help them tackle bugs, data discrepancies, API integrations, test case scenari
We take over after your developers have gone Websites are usually developed in a rush and on budget. The developers will have left a train of loose ends before they have move to the next development job. After your website gets developed - you need to a team on-the-ready to help go through a list of bugs and feature improvements that will no-doubt exist
We support your website or digital agency with technically complex jobs and problems Our technical team will provide support your agency and help them tackle bugs, data discrepancies, API integrations, test case scenario.
We ensure knowledge continuity Brain drain is a factor not normally considered when a project is being developed but it will happen. This may not be a problem with larger companies but smaller ones tend to suffer more, Working with Starfish helps ensure that a larger set of people careersprices

How it works

Onboarding It takes time to understand other people’s code and the reasons behind the structure. It’s not a good idea to call us when there is an emergency instead, start with small easy tasks, then gradually increase difficulty.
Fixed price or hourly rate For small tasks or set of tasks, we charge a fixed price. We also charge an hourly rate for adhoc fixes and other activities such as system testing.
Ongoing relationships Our team can work with your lead developer, team lead or account manager. Starfish team look after the developers, making sure they deliver and they don’t get stressed. Our

Development things we do

  • find and fix bugs
  • improve user interfaces
  • work out data discrepances
  • add features
  • tidy up and optimize code
  • improve front end userbility
  • improve responsiveness

Technologies we work with

  • PHP / Laravel
  • React / NodeJS
  • MySQL / Maria DB
  • APIs / CRMs
  • HTML / CSS
  • AWS
  • Git
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