About the Starfish Digital Agency


Starfish is an experienced and dependable digital agency. We provide creative and technical expertise wrapped in a friendly, professional service.

A global agency located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines, Starfish is a small close-knit team of 15 professionals: creatives, coordinators and techies – at the helm of a British director.

We’ve been in business for 12 years now. We started making high quality websites for
well-known Philippine companies before expanding our product range to cater for smaller local
businesses as well as international clients.

We have office-based staff as well as home-based staff, which allows us to be flexible, reliable
and affordable.

We’re a sensible digital agency – our goal is to provide outstanding value through experience,
efficiency and process.

Our goal is to do the simple things very well. We don’t take on very complicated projects or
overly demanding big-name clients. We prefer to work with corporations, small businesses who
a good service at a reasonable price

Our core services

Website Creation
We make all types of websites, but we outdo stylish, content-driven, corporate, or strategic websites the most. We don’t take on extremely complex projects.

Digital Marketing
Our view on digital marketing is holistic, natural, organic, scientific. Our service is affordable, so that you can do SEO all year round.

Website Maintenance
We help businesses keep their websites on a tip-top condition throughout the year. From keeping it secure, to adding content, or to tweaking its design or functionality.

Application Support
Once a website / web application is launched, it needs continuous improvement. We look after complex applications, added features, fixing bugs and keeping code running

Design Support
We work with other agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs to provide design output. We have a fully trained design team that helps businesses ramp up their marketing efforts, be creative.

Our Beliefs

Over the last ten years, lots of things have changed yet, one thing remains constant – the digital world remains challenging for the most of us.

To do it well, you need a solid grounding in a bunch of topics ranging from human psychology, to aesthetics, project management, do design communication – to business and whatever the latest tech flavor or design fad is this week.

And because of this: we believe that you need the skills of a team to do digital well.

And because of that – we believe you’re best serviced by a digital agency rather than an in-house team, a tech team, a freelancer – no matter how skilled they are

Our Mission

We know agencies can be expensive because good talent is in demand but we believe in digital inclusion. That everyone deserves to a fair shot at the digital game, not just the big boys.

Our mission is to help you get creative, design and development work as affordably as possible without compromising on quality and reliability of service.

Our goal is to become the “The worlds most affordable digital agency”s

We’re doing to achieve this through better efficiency, good design and simplicity - (hence the bicycle)

Full Range of Services